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The top model with extra grip and class 2 protective cut-resistance
  • Anti-slip sole with a bold tread
  • Waterproof and highly breathable
  • Cut protection class 2
  • Padded toe cap
  • Comfortable fit
  • KWF PROFI certified (test score good to very good)

Product information "HAIX Protector Forest"

The Protector Forest by HAIX is a comfortable cut protection boot which forms an essential part of the workwear of any forest ranger or hunter.

Its waterproof and weather-resistant rubber Vibram sole is ideally suited to mountainous terrain and has been specially developed in conjunction with the tyre manufacturer Pirelli to be dirt repellent and slip resistant and to provide you with a firm grip on uneven ground. The Protector Forest features an extra wide and high toe cap to protect your feet against falling objects such as branches. A two-zone lacing system enables the foot and calf areas of the boot to be adjusted to different tightnesses. This provides a perfect fit and comfort throughout the day.

Safety when in the forest or out hunting

The Protector Forest offers you safety when you are tree felling and need specialist equipment. It has been awarded the “KWF PROFI” seal of quality by the German Forestry Advisory Board to indicate that it fulfils all the prerequisites in this regard. In fact, the Protector Forest offers class 2 cut protection. This means that it is constructed in a material which is stable enough to withstand cuts from a a chainsaw operating at a speed of up to 24 m/s.

Comfort of wear throughout the year

Waterproof GORE-TEX® material prevents any moisture penetration. Your feet will remain dry and warm, even in snowy and rainy conditions. In summer, an antibacterial insole absorbs sweat to keep your feet cool during the most strenuous of activities. A separate heel cup provides stability and helps prevent malpositions of the foot. A so-called impact-absorbing PU wedge is integrated into the sole. This makes the Protector Forest an extremely light boot and will also cushion your steps as you move along to reduce pressure on the joints and spine.

Upper material

  • The HAIX Protector Forest is made of high quality bull leather. This is a material which is both water repellent and highly breathable. Its orange colour ensures good visibility, even in dim light.
  • The tip and heel of the boot have robust rubber reinforcements to guarantee durability and a long product life.
  • The foot and calf areas can be laced to different tightnesses. This gives a firm and secure feet regardless of the width or otherwise of your individual measurements.

Lining, inlays, toe cap

  • Four-ply GORE-TEX® makes the Protector Forest both watertight and highly breathable and thus ensures a real feel-good factor in any weather.
  • An abrasion-resistant lining provides a high degree of stability, and a special fast-drying inlay delivers an extra degree of comfort by cushioning your steps and expelling sweat. It can even be removed and washed if necessary.
  • The Protector Forest boasts a wide padded toe cap which is also anatomically formed. This adjusts to the natural shape of your feet and gives extra safety in the toe area of the boot.


  • The rubber sole of the Protector Forest features an anti-slip tread that gives additional grip on difficult terrain as well as being dirt repellent and watertight.
  • The sole is also extremely stable and reduces discomfort from individual pressure points created when, for example, you walk through dense undergrowth or across stony ground.
  • It is also heat resistant and colour fast, the latter property meaning that no ugly marks will be left behind on light-coloured floors.
  • An impact-absorbing wedge inside the boot helps to provide comfort of wear over a period of many hours.

The Protector Forest from HAIX is modern, comfortable, waterproof and functional safety boot which affords maximum security and cut protection for forest rangers and hunters who are working outside. Order these extremely weather-resistant boots now!